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The Vacmaster System 4000.  This is one of the most powerful Air Excavation units on the market.  Together with our System 1000 unit and experienced personnel, the System 4000 greatly increases our capabilities to safely locate and pre clear for underground utilities.

What is Air Excavation?  High velocity air penetrates, loosens, and breaks up soil strata.  The broken up/loosened soil structure is removed by a powerful 4" vacuum hose, kept dry and ready for immediate reuse as backfill.  This high velocity air, while powerful enough to break up and loosen the soil will not harm the subsurface utilities.  This methodology allows no wet cuttings to dispose of or fill to import.

Whether your drilling wells, installing fence posts, excavating a trench for new utilities air excavation makes sense.  There is no way to be sure what lies underground, but by using a SAFE technology like Air Excavation you can be sure when you put tools into the ground there isn't an unexpected utility such as a gas or electric line to damage or cause serious injury.  

The Vacmaster systems are ideal for: 

  * Underground utility location verifications
  * Pre-drilling utility clearance
  * Manway and valve box cleaning and maintenance
  * Excavating close areas and around obstructions
  * Storm sewer cleanouts
  * Vault and catch basin cleaning
  * Mapping facility underground utilities 


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