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Odyssey's Geoprobes offer customers versatility and power.  The three Geoprobe 7822DTs offer awesome power while our 54DT allows for tight access and low clearance work. 


Our CME 75 Hollow Stem Auger Rig, Geoprobe 3230DT and Geoprobe 7822DT capabilities include 2", 4" and 6" monitoring well installation as well as geotechnical drilling and rock coring.

The Geoprobe 7822DT offers 35,000 lb of down force to get through the tightest of material and to greater depths than other probes. The 7822DTs double as hollow stem auger and air rotary drill rigs capable of advancing 2" and 4" PVC wells to 100' in most formations.  Additional capabilities include:
  * 3.25"x 5'  dual tube sampling for increased production                 through swelling or collapsing formations and increased             efficiency at deeper probing depths
  * 2", 4" and 6" well installations
  * In-situ groundwater and vapor sampling

  * Chemical injection
  * Direct push pre-packed well installation 

  * Removable drop hammer and coring capabilities to perform       geotechnical and spt sampling.

Please call or email Jason Miller to learn more about our probing and drilling services and how we can assist you with your next site investigation.

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